Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center, Inc.

About Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center, Inc. in Santa Monica, California, has established itself as a nationally recognized spine center. Expert duo Peter Le, DC, and Rick Morris, DC-ABAAHP, are developers of leading non-surgical approaches for spinal stenosis and disc disorders. Their techniques, originally pioneered by Dr. Morris, have helped provide relief for countless patients from all over the world. 
As the director of Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center, Inc., Dr. Le partnered with Dr. Morris to continue the work that Dr. Morris began 40 years ago. Their techniques include spinal manipulations, massage therapies, therapeutic stretches, soft tissue mobilization, core strengthening, and non-surgical decompression. The team specializes in treating a wide range of conditions, including spinal stenosis, neck pain, disc degeneration, low back pain, scoliosis, sciatica, synovial cysts, spondylolisthesis, and much more. 
Both Dr. Le and Dr. Morris bring their personal experiences dealing with severe musculoskeletal injury and chronic pain to the practice. Along with the rest of the team at Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center, Inc., they are dedicated to providing their patients with the best care possible in a compassionate manner. 
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