About Baagan is a pioneer in producing Healthy, Plant-based, Organic, Sustainable foods in their most potent form to provide maximum benefits to consumers. We are growing our product line with existing foodservice partners in United States and then Internationally. Rajbir Randhawa is the owner and founder of Baagan. She wasn’t always a part of the restaurant industry. Rajbir started her career as a software developer in the IT sector. But during her early 30s, she developed chronic ailments such as arthritis and facial paralysis because of the sudden death of her husband. Doctors could not pinpoint her condition, but they did give her steroids to ease the pain. However, Rajbir did not like the idea of taking medication for the rest of her life. She decided to do her own research on natural food like herbs, plant-based products, and organic ingredients and matched it with yoga and meditation to heal herself. Rajbir’s body responded positively to these changes. After seeing her own transformation, it inspired her to create healthy recipes to help others. Rajbir now has more than 9 years of experience in the industry. Through her Baagan restaurant, she is promoting clean eating and healthy living by offering food that’s gluten-free and organic.
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