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About International Health Group has been the leading provider of Medical Assistant programs including CNA and HHA training throughout San Diego County Career College since 2006. With students with a proven high record of 90-100% state exam passing rate, we provide assistance to our students with career preparation courses whose teachings go beyond just resume and interview skills required to make a career in nursing.

Licensed Vocational Nurses conduct our preparatory courses to provide you with the required guidance to get a job in hospitals and nursing homes in San Diego.

Why Choose Us?
IHG is the leading provider of San Diego Medical Assistant Programs, including CNA and HHA Training throughout San Diego County since 2006.

IHG students have a proven high record of a 90%-100% state exam passing rate.

IHG is the first nursing school in San Diego to offer the fast track 22 Day CNA Certification Program.

IHG offers a state-approved testing facility.

IHG has the most spacious and equipped lab facility in San Diego.

IHG has the largest network in San Diego County of different employers and student resources for those interested in working in the medical field.

IHG supports students with career prep courses that go over resume and interview skills needed to obtain a career in nursing. Our preparatory courses are conducted by Licensed Vocational Nurses who will guide you to get jobs in hospitals or nursing homes in San Diego.

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