Shawn Brubaker, DO

About My goal as a physician is to embody the word doctor" which is based in a latin word that means "teacher". The focus is to communicate to you and your family the medical condition you are dealing with, how it became began and what treatment options are available to manage it. I like to start with an interview where we discuss your injury, how long you have had pain and what has already been done to treat it. From there I examine the concerned body part, take x-rays if necessary and then formulate a list of possible problems. Many times the medical condition is easily determined, in other cases, it takes additional workup to sort out the exact problem. Working together, after we have ascertained the issue, we can develop a treatment plan.  Often I am able to give you a variety of options and let you choose the one which fits you best. The ultimate goal is a treatment plan that provides you substantial pain relief.
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