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About Experience the benefits of oxygen therapy with the help of Complete Health & Wellness Center in Redding, California. We offer various procedures that will boost your immune system and detox your body with O3 oxygen. The benefits of Ozone and Sauna Therapy will increase your white blood cells, increase tumor necrosis factor by up to 500 times and purge the body of accumulated toxins such as pesticides, PCBs, drug residues, mercury and aluminum. Combination of Ozone and Sauna Therapy offers positive results. Conditions that benefit from Ozone Therapy like Autoimmune disease, Lyme disease, Cancer cells, Sinusitis, Diabetes and 3,000 more conditions. We also offer exercise with Oxygen Therapy(EWOT), Sinus Bar for allergies and sinus infection. Oxygen Bar is for alertness, brain fog and hangovers. Oxygen facials is for rejuvenation of your skin cells and we use an ozone facial tool along with our O3 oxygen cream. Far Infrared Saunas with Ionized Air benefits help rejuvenate muscles, tissue damage and ligaments and cartilage problems. Hyperthermic hyperbaric black carbon far infrared ozone chamber for detoxification auto immune diseases, muscle damage, kills viruses in 10 seconds , detoxifies the lymph system, dramatically increase oxygenation of the tissues and cells, produce Interleukin II, Gamma interferon(anti-cancer substances) and over 3,000 medical benefits. Steam Sauna Pro with activated oxygen(O3) is introduced into a special steam sauna cabinet, where it then is absorbed transdermally (across the skin) of the occupant. The use of a sauna should be an important part of any detoxification program. The sauna increases the eliminative, detoxifying and cleansing capacity of the skin by stimulation of the sweat glands and increase blood circulation. Using the steam with ozone allows the body to be surrounded with ozone through the skin when the pores are open which allows the ozone through the bloodstream. Foot Detox through the use of Bio-Cleanse Technologies, the reaction between the toxins and particles in the water, salt is added in the water when they are bathed to help pull out toxins and metals which is generated from the ionic field transferring from the energy of the body. Custom-made live water with O3 activated oxygen with 3 atoms molecule water for repairing your cells in your body. O3 oxygen skin care line great for wrinkles, scars, fungus, bacteria, insect bites and more. Life line stem cell skin care line and supplemental care vitamins are also available.
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