Mercy Crusade Spay, Neuter & Wellness Clinic

About Mercy Crusade's History Mercy Crusade was founded in 1949 by Betty Cardoni. The main focus of the organization was to provide financial assistance for spaying and neutering cats and dogs in Los Angeles. Betty saw the needless suffering and killing of thousands of companion animals that were either living on the streets or brought to the local shelters because the owners no longer wanted them. Having seen this suffering, she set out to make a difference, and that she did. Betty's accomplishments are numerous and significant. Thousands of dollars have been raised and used for animal welfare efforts. Because of her, and a sizable legacy in 1980, a groundbreaking expansion of the Los Angeles City's Spay-Neuter Clinic was accomplished at the 11th Avenue Animal shelter. In 1988 at the North Central Animal Center, the new spay-neuter clinic was dedicated to Betty for her devotion to animal welfare . Mercy Crusade has an established history of working well with animal regulation authorities, rescue groups and all those with a positive interest in animal welfare. Betty passed away in 1993 and she is now the gatekeeper of the Rainbow Bridge for all our animal friends in heaven. We miss her and thank her for all she has done for the animals.
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