Intuitive Hypnotherapy

About At just 25 years of age Dr. Cynthia Smith found her calling and her passion in the healing arts. She is a self-professed “out-of-control healer”; someone who is drawn to helping others achieve their emotional, physical, and mental well-being goals. She has gathered, and continues to gather, an impressive array of tools which allows her to effect great change and healing for her patients. Not the least of these tools is humor; it is a rare session with Dr. Smith that does not include laughter and the brightness of her personality is suffused into the very art and architecture of her practice.

Healing takes many forms and each patient’s path to wellness is unique. Beyond Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Dr. Cynthia Smith also has at her disposal hypnotherapy, sports medicine (sports chiropractic and sports acupuncture), herbal medicine, kinesio-taping, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Yoga Therapy, and is an empathic and intuitive healer. With these tools Dr. Cynthia Smith tailors each patient’s care and each visit to best suit the needs of the individual in a truly collaborative effort between the Dr. and the patient.
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