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About Are you located in or near Los Angeles, California? Have you been looking for a "Tattoo School Near Me?" You found the Los Angeles tattoo apprenticeship you hoped existed. Our Los Angeles, CA Tattoo Apprenticeship Program at Body Art & Soul Tattoos is based on the traditional tattoo apprenticeship with an augmented focus on ongoing professional development, practice assessments, and actual work tattoo experience.

To set up an interview with an Advisor, go to and text/call: 1-310-413-0709

Los Angeles's Tattoo School of Los Angeles is part of the only nationwide tattoo school group and national trade school for that tattoo industry! In our Los Angeles tattoo apprenticeship, you'll learn how to become a Tattoo Artist.

Los Angeles Tattoo School believes in providing our clients with high-quality custom tattoos and world-class customer service. We offer tattoo apprenticeships with dignity to artists from all walks of life.

Our Los Angeles-based tattoo school is an innovative, forward-thinking team of tattoo artists. Proud of the results we provide you, including:
• Guaranteed Job Offers for Tattoo Apprentices Who Complete the Full Program
• Hundreds of Tattoo Artists Trained
• Over 10 Years in Business
• 5 Tattoo School Locations Across the United States, including:
Tampa, Florida Tattoo School
Brooklyn, New York Tattoo School
Los Angeles, California Tattoo School
New Haven Connecticut Tattoo School
Philadelphia Pennsylvania Tattoo School

We pride ourselves on being different from a traditional tattoo apprenticeship. We "ink different" by providing clients with the warmest, most welcoming tattoo studio they've ever experienced. Our tattoo training and apprenticeships are no different.

Our mission is to ensure equal opportunity in the tattoo industry worldwide. We believe that every artist from every walk of life deserves the opportunity to make a living from their art.
Steps to Become a Tattoo Artist
• Interview with an Advisor
Learn more about our school and tattoo apprenticeships and what it takes to be a successful tattoo artist by speaking with an Advisor at 1-310-413-0709. We will tailor your tattoo apprenticeship program precisely to fit your schedule.

2. Start One-on-One tattoo training

As a tattoo apprentice, you'll start online in a live virtual classroom, where you will work one-on-one with your tattoo trainer from the comfort of your home. Once you pass your virtual classroom requirements, you're ready to complete your apprenticeship in one of our tattoo studios. Apprenticeships generally take one year to complete.

3. Tattoo at Our Studios
Upon completing your apprenticeship, we welcome you to tattoo at one of our nationwide exceptional tattoo studios. You will have learned the skills necessary to provide your clients with quality custom tattoos and world-class customer service.

Operate Your Tattoo Studio

The training we provide our tattoo apprentices goes beyond becoming successful tattoo artists. For those seeking rapid career advancement in the tattoo industry, we also train our tattoo artists on how to own and operate a successful business, tattoo studios.

Every new tattoo location we open is run by someone who started their career in our tattoo apprenticeship program. We only hire tattoo artists from one of our nationwide tattoo schools, ensuring a world-class customer experience for our tattoo clients and our tattoo apprentices.
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