Connery Davoodian

About Connery Davoodian is a Persian / Armenian singer living in Los Angeles CA.
Connery Davoodian was born in 1983 in Iran. Connery began singing at a really young age as young as 7 years old in Armenian Ararat Studio in Isfahan. Connery started writing lyrics meanwhile pursuing his singing passion at age of 19. Connery began playing guitar and writing his own songs and lyrics at age of 21.

Connery mastered his skills in playing different instruments such as Armenian Duduk, Armenian Shvi, Iranian Santour, Iranian Setar, Persian Neyanban, Chinese Dizi flute, American Pan flute Saxophone, and Flute.

In 2009 Connery left Iran to pursue his singing career in Los Angles. This young Persian singer had released his first official song " Jana" in May 2019 to the Persian music industry. Jana this pop song was a big success for Connery and his singing career. "Jana " was published by the big Persian label "Taraneh Enterprises" (LA/USA).

Shortly after Jana, he released his second track named "Parvaz Kon" with a different genre this time Rock with a stronger return and more success.
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