HAAS Wellness Center

About HILDA KASIMIAN, founder of the HAAS Wellness Center, obtained her Doctorate in Pharmacy in 2001. After devoting ten years of her career to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she developed programs that have become the standard of care for patients, she shifted her focus to her family. As a working mom and wife, she quickly realized it was difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle for herself and her children in this fast-paced society. With social media taking over interaction and communication, she made it her mission to provide a venue that supported health and fitness for men, women, and our youth. At the HAAS Wellness Center, you may begin or continue your journey to wellness with your family. Choosing to devote time for yourself doesn’t have to exclude your loved ones. Your child, partner, or friend may join you in your yoga or meditation session to promote togetherness while obtaining critical tools to deal with the challenges life has to offer. Knowing the importance of positive reinforcement, our founder has devised a method to motivate and encourage our youth to partake in these services at will. Her method to motivate our youth to engage in an activity that doesn’t involve electronics, will encourage your child to learn the tools that foster physical and emotional growth. Thus, allowing them to be present with their surroundings and themselves. While your child is learning how to disconnect from social media and connect with their physical being, you may join them or choose to experience a treatment utilizing the latest advancements in both radio frequency and laser technology. Following research of both physician and patient reviews of the technologies available, we have brought to our facility the technologies we feel will produce the best outcomes. We hope you will take the time to visit us and become more familiar with the services we offer. We look forward to meeting all of you and feel privileged to be part of a movement that promotes wellness in us and more importantly, our youth!
1101 E Broadway #204,
CA, 91205
ZIP Code 91205
Phone (818) 491-9000
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