Petlight Therapy Center

About PetLight Therapy Center is a licensed veterinary facility that opened its doors in 2016 with the mission of resolving neuromusculoskeletal conditions in dogs and cats without surgery.

By survey, over 30% of all visits to veterinary clinics and hospitals are for the treatment of neck or back pain in dogs, limping and lameness in dogs, weakness and wobbliness of the hind end in dogs, or hip and disc related issues in dogs. For many decades the only treatment available involved treating the symptoms with anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, and narcotics. PetLight Therapy Center offers the very newest FDA-approved therapeutic light therapy (not the older cold laser technology) for animals as well as a gentle and effective form of treatment called NMR-T that was developed over the past 33 years by our Chiropractor Kelly Thompson, DC.

NMR-T is very different from current animal physical therapy and animal chiropractic techniques and is based on the principal that distortions and derangements brought on by recurrent macro and micro trauma over time cause a cascade of compensatory effects throughout static and dynamic elements of the body’s system of connective tissue which eventually become permanent without effective therapeutic intervention. This is precisely why only treating the symptoms and the temporary relief this provides is merely “kicking the can down the road.” There is eventually a sad and expensive day of reckoning for the pet owner and their beloved companion. At PetLight Therapy Center it is our goal prevent this from happening to your pet.
21686 Stevens Creek Boulevard,
CA, 95014
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