About An Honest, Hardworking Leader Rob Derrick is a family man and helps run two group homes that house 10 differently-abled people. His grandmother founded the homes over 50 years ago, and Rob has carried on her work since her passing. After high school, Rob enlisted in the Navy where he served faithfully for 10 years before joining the Marine Corps and serving six more years. The Marine Corps is where he first learned CPR and began to teach others the lifesaving techniques. Since then, Rob has taught CPR to over 56,000 people. He prides himself on being flexible in his scheduling. He'll come to you to teach you and get you certified, and if you need immediate training, Rob will be there. He currently teaches CPR and other safety training to individuals and groups at the YMCA/Redcross in San Luis Obispo. Rob Derrick We're Committed to Quality Service "I have been a nurse for almost 20 years and have been a staff developer for the past 9 years for Compass Health. I met Rob Derrick many years ago and enjoyed taking his CPR class. Rob not only teaches his student how to do CPR properly, but he also gives real-life scenarios of his experiences and life lessons he has endeavored. I recently was involved in an emergency in which I needed to do CPR and quickly remembered one of the stories Rob had told our CPR class. The fact that a rescuer in an emergency has so much adrenaline and must react quickly with all that must be going on, it was reassuring to have Rob's voice in my head. It was reminding me to check the scene and do that. Well, all I can say is that for a student to have a teacher's voice in their head walking them through an emergency situation (without being at the scene of an emergency) is very impressive. I admire and respect Rob very much, and I will continue to carry with me all the scenarios and facts and demonstrations he has given me. I look forward to the next time he gives me my refresher CPR class." - Sandra Ravalin, Staff Developer.
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