Murphy Flooring

About Murphy Flooring, Inc. was established in 2015 by Cathleen Jochum (her friends call her Cathy), her daughter, Kaitlyn, and the family dog Murphy. She started this women-owned and operated flooring company because she understood how hard it is to make a million decisions on buying or selling a house, everything from paint color to a leaky roof.

Cathy has moved seven times with her family, and she understands the struggles of packing up her life and moving to a different state or even a different city. Cathy chose to start a flooring company because out of the million decisions for the home, she wanted to make at least one choice easy. She and co-owner, Kaitlyn, with the warehouse dog, Kegan, help their customers narrow down flooring decisions, work with the realtor and/or homeowner’s schedule, for adding new flooring before the Christmas party or when planning to move on with the next chapter of your lives. We bring samples to your home so that you can take time to choose the floor that best fits with your home’s vision.
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