About What if you could have the best time management, mindfulness, and wellness classes right at your fingertips? What if the best stress reduction and success principles were a part of your regular workday? Just think: How much more could you get done? Well, this is what’s happening at CoWorking with Wisdom in downtown Berkeley, at Dharma College. We decided the world needed a new kind of coworking space—one where work is balanced with ancient wisdom, mindful practice, and whole-person embodiment. Based upon a fifty-year wisdom tradition of mind and body education, we’ve brought together some of the best teachers out there to help you work smarter, happier, and better with others. Combining elegant coworking spaces with classes that balance body and mind, we offer a package that can’t be beat, and the opportunity to work in a new way. Working with Wisdom means going home more refreshed, happy, and getting the real work done, with greater ease. We’d love to welcome you to our space!
2222 Harold Way,
CA, 94704
ZIP Code 94704
Phone (510) 809-1532
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